Bloody Nights

She was beautiful. She was young. And she was alone.

She was everything that could go wrong on a deserted bus stop in New Delhi, in the dark of the night. Read More

The stranger

It was rather quiet for a summer night. When it started, the whizzing of the air conditioner and the wheeling noise of the pedestal fan as if had found soul mates in each other. After a while however the raucous noise had melted into the humid walls turning my ears receptive to sounds beyond the unkempt room that made up the most used half of my resting abode. Did I hear something? Read More

One stormy night

Something was unusual. Kaya could feel the chill in the air, crisp and stinging. But she kept her calm, may be just her imagination.

“Is everything alright? “ asked Manav, his words punctuated with the rhythmic thunder claps that were summoning a storm outside. Read More