A Golden Scar

Strange, a silence can be a signature of submission, yet a mask of treason.

golden scar

A golden scar

Subhendu Mohanty


“Keep your eyes closed!”

She pleaded as she neatly folded the ochre satin cloth into the desired thickness. With one hand gently covering his both eyes she now turned to his back, holding on to his bare chest, her fingers as if humming a note on his heartstrings.

“Few more moments, just keep them closed” she whispered in his ears, standing on her tiptoes.

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Neon Lights

neon lights

Suhani closed her eyes.

Tomorrow will be another day, another struggle.

One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand abandonment. Even when you see it as a norm everywhere around you. Like the saying goes, a two wrongs don’t make a right. So when you are six, and your parents stop being your parents one fine day, you understand, there is something fundamentally wrong.

With you.

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“…ଆସିଛୁ ଯେଉଁଠୁ ତୁ ସଖା
ସେଇ ଠାରେ ଶେଷେ ହେବ ଦେଖା . . . ”