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16:13 hrs

Quite a dilemma it had been

To choose which one was brighter?

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Subhendu Mohanty


Walk if you can, if you will

 face the blazing sun and its scorching wrath,

with a smile on your face, stride along the path

so what if it gets tough, chin up and look ahead

where there is sun, there’s bound to be shade… Read More

A proposal


“Ni, he is right behind us, I tell you Ni, this one is serious. I mean I can really see it in his eyes.” Aditi was beaming as she and Nila strolled through the hedged garden path marked with yellow and orange marigolds and chrysanthemums leading towards the University library building.

Dressed casually in Jeans and fashionable yet fake designer jackets, the two girls of Delhi University shuddered in cold from inside but bravely faked it, throwing caution to the winds. Read More

A Rainy Afternoon


Time…and I know for a fact, for a large percentage of you, just like me, braved and dragged ourselves even though we may have through a multitude of decades, when I look back today, I still feel, I somewhere belonged to a different era, much before the darned decades, almost of an ancient and golden period. Read More




ଶୁଭେନ୍ଦୁ ମହାନ୍ତି

ମୁଖା ଏପଟେ ଓ ସେପଟେ

ଦୁଇଟି ବିପରୀତ ପୃଥିବୀ

ଦୁଇଟି ଅସଂଭବ କାମନା,

ଦୁଇଟି ଅସଂଲଗ୍ନ ଅନୁଭୂତି !


ଏପଟେ କର୍ଦ୍ଦମାକ୍ତ ଯୋଡିଏ ଆଖି

ଅନେକ ପ୍ରଶ୍ନ ର ଅମା କୁହେଳିକା

ଆଉ ଭାବହୀନ ଗୋଟେ ହୃଦୟ !


ସେପଟେ କିନ୍ତୁ

ଚେନାଏ ଗୋଲାପି ସ୍ବପ୍ନ

ଅନେକ ଉତ୍ତର

ଅଖୋଜା, ଅଲୋଡା


ଆନ୍ତରିକତା ରେ ଭିଜା ଗୋଟେ ଆଶ୍ରୟ !

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