Midnight – A Love Story



Subhendu Mohanty


He sighed, and then murmured:

“Would I be ever able to tell you?

How much love I have, my desire,

How I drown in a boiling quagmire,

to behold that pearly face once

I adorn this dark grim attire…
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An ode to Rain

Subhendu Mohanty



Romance or melancholy…introspection or a celebration of the world around …what does the rain bring out in you?
A bit of everything yet something new?

Enjoy my latest poetry “ An ode to rain” , hope it finds a way into your hearts and minds..

A roaring fire once set his heart ablaze

An empty vastness he couldn’t camouflage

A love so pure that he could never reach

A gift of life that he could only beseech,

The sky smiled at the ocean below,

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Don’t you ever?

And the little girl asked
“Is Papa Bad, Mama?”

“Why do you ask munchkin? Papa loves you the most !” Read More

You, my world…


Like the moon on a long-lost road
like the rain with all its woes
like the dew on a virgin rose
I feel you in me as each moment goes ..
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