Of love and Jab Tak Hain Jaan

I have always been intrigued, as far as I can remember, since school days, about the magical experience called love. Goes without saying my formative years were shaped to a large extent by our illustrious movies…Not that I didn’t experience any path breaking love stories in my neighborhood  I remember, vividly, how a school buddy was head over heels with a pretty girl, who happened to be my neighbor  Guess, being in a Boys High school meant you are deprived of all things beautiful and the testosterone levels are constantly on a rampage!

Since those days I have been longing to live in the shoes of a man who has seen it all…a carefree life..love at first sight..dreams of a togetherness eternal..a heartbreak or two..moving on with a burdened heart.. Until one finds love again. Part of my journey has been testimony to the life I always dreamt of. And so besotted I have been with this wonderful but clichéd idea of love, that I had been writing , ever since I fell in love with love, about love, in its myriad manifestations..and its glorious journey through two hearts.

Watched the much awaited Jab Tak Hain Jaan this Diwali. Critics and plot-holes be damned, I fell in love with Samar, Akira and Meera. Whats wrong with a uber-sexy Meera sacrificing her love for his life? Sounds old-fashioned? My filmi instincts urged me, that’s the right thing to do. For one has to go through love, in all its glory, in order to share that precious journey. Keep hearing and reading too many nasty remarks about the movie and especially its leading actor (who incidentally I idolize, for his wit, humor  suaveness and of course histrionics), but then the child in me fails to understand why one can’t see what I see? Love, in all its glory.



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