A lost love

He wiped the last tear off those bleary eyes.

A light drizzle had started to fall on the sea of grass around him; he could feel the moisture on his bare feet. Soon it would be time. He rested on the wooden bench and in that moment of a sad exasperation, looked up at the skies.

Why life has to be so unfair? Why love has to be so cruel?

The damp air was filled with the smell of the freshly mown grass and a sweet scent of lavender. The purple patch marked the pavement which led from the fountain, a favourite spot for little children , to the far end of the park which overlooked the beautiful river. Read More

ବର୍ଷା ~ ତିନୋଟି କବିତା

ବର୍ଷା ~ ତିନୋଟି କବିତା

ଶୁଭେନ୍ଦୁ ମହାନ୍ତି


ଅପରାହ୍ଣ ୦୪:୩୦ ଘଟିକା

କିଶୋର (୧)


ଆଉ ନାହିଁ ଅଙ୍କ ଆଉ ଶବ୍ଦ ମାନଙ୍କର ଭିଡ,

ନାହିଁ ଆଜି ଡର କା ରାଗ ତମ ତମ ଚାହାଣି ର,

ଖାଲି ଗୋଟେ ଦରଭଙ୍ଗା ଛତା ର ବାହାନା


ମନ ଖୋଲି ଦଉଡିବି,

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