With each thought, each effort to put my feelings for my mother in words, I realize today helplessly that not everything we feel is within the realms of our consciousness.

I am trying to come to terms with a reality which has shaken me like nothing else could. I know all my tears, nightmares, regret and heart wrenching sobs are in vain..but if I can talk to her once..just once…

As my best friend puts it – death is natural process until it happens to people you love.  But then again, we get on with our lives, learn to deal with it somehow. Life, just moves on.

Life has been called so many things. To me, it’s the greatest of teachers.

In last few weeks it taught me what pain truly is..it taught me what love truly is..and how fake relationships can be. Yes , life,  I will learn to deal with you till I meet your match, death.


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