The Distant Star

The Distant Star



Subhendu Mohanty


Open, open your eyes now

He said nudging me as I lay below

a burden of clouds and a broken star

I lay crumpled, why I didn’t know!


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Guilt and Honor


Guilt and Honor


17:23 hrs

And so I smiled

The knight in shining armour

Waits , somewhere in tomorrow’s unseen story

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Thank You !

Thank you. Had you not fallen over today with the casual reluctance, swinging side by side and finally resting with a calming softness, I wouldn’t have this sudden realisation. Read More

My promise to you


Lavender couldn’t stop her tears.

Love, hold yourself, this had to happen one day. We all would face this day, lonely, desperate, nowhere to go. But life goes on.”  Isabelle gently wiped the tears of Lavender’s grief-stricken face and hugged her.

Isa, how do you live when the person who defines your world leaves you deserted? All you have got is just memories to live with.” Lavendar  asked looking longingly at the picture frame in her fragile hands.

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