The Distant Star

The Distant Star



Subhendu Mohanty


Open, open your eyes now

He said nudging me as I lay below

a burden of clouds and a broken star

I lay crumpled, why I didn’t know!


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Guilt and Honor


Guilt and Honor


17:23 hrs

And so I smiled

The knight in shining armour

Waits , somewhere in tomorrow’s unseen story

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Thank You !

Thank you. Had you not fallen over today with the casual reluctance, swinging side by side and finally resting with a calming softness, I wouldn’t have this sudden realisation. Read More


A smile that is yet to bloom

Waits for a drop of dew,

The rivers that could slush the pebbles

Wait, unsure, in your eyes blue…

A life you haven’t dreamt yet

Is destined for you…
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