Thank You !

Thank you. Had you not fallen over today with the casual reluctance, swinging side by side and finally resting with a calming softness, I wouldn’t have this sudden realisation.

I have lost touch with most of my friends who matter to me. Friends who had been an integral part of my journey and growth as an individual. I may call a few of them tomorrow and will message a few now.

A sister who had been relentlessly calling me since weeks only to get a no answer from her busy younger brother. No more wait till the weekend. I will call her tomorrow and apologise.

A make believe game with the dog and the pig and my daughter in her toy land. I must tell her tomorrow morning, “honey, shall we play?” before she shoos me off again as her old man.

A kiss for you my love, for the way you understand and liberate me, for the way you long and miss me. Not any longer, tomorrow will be a new day.

And you my dream, I left you midway somewhere, thinking you would be a futile obsession. I had forgotten for once, if it is not yet an obsession, it can’t be real. I will chase your path, in my sleep and waking.

For I don’t know what the tomorrow holds. I had better try and lose and not sit back and lament.

Thank you, silver strand of hair. Your fall from my head to the laptop today was more than just a mere coincidence.

For God must have wanted me to look back at myself and wonder – Am I too old for my age?


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