A journey through space

I forgot how long I was floating in the air. I was in that space, where the laws of relativity didn’t apply. I had yet to learn to manage my schedule according to clockwork.
For in space, everything is limitless. Peace of mind, joys of heart. What I didn’t know in this magical space that I was now a part of, also held some dark mysteries that lurked beneath the calm serene surface.
My attendant as per routine changed my body suit and I was wearing a new crystal white glittering suit , which matched with my other space-mates. I was the youngest and the most inexperienced amongst the lot. Hence every care was being taken not to let me fall off the gravity and every careful measure had been devised by the captain to curb my curiosities in case they turned dangerous or fatal. For me and I was told as much as for the others. Once in the shuttle, we all were like one close knit family. Each one has to help the other out. It just so happened I was the one getting all the help all the time, nobody seemed to ever mind.
I had heard the captain’s announcement what seemed like yesterday.
Today was a special day.
We would be passing through a galaxy of stars, hitherto unknown to me. I was on cloud nine. This was going to be a memorable experience. All the space-mates joined together to celebrate the memorable day they were going to witness. From within my suit, I could see and feel the joy and warmth around. Everyone hugging each other. It was my turn. I was almost squeezed by two or three of my mates, which made me uncomfortable. I let out a groan.
We all set out on the journey. The space shuttle door opened to a glass enclosed semi-circle. I could already see a stream of stars far away as if arranged in a straight line. If that was not unusual enough, just before our eyes there was a burst of stars which plummeted down into the dark abyss of space. Death of a star, a colleague told me.
As we pass through many such star deaths I started to wonder what secrets the space held. If so many stars suffered death at this rate , would there be a day when from the earth the sky would appear to be pitch dark with only the moon with no company? Seemed a sad thought, but I was assured, that would never be the case.
Then I saw the two comets just swish across the space-ship glass enclosure. I made a wish. To be in this space, forever.
However, my joyride was short-lived. As if warned and concerned, I could see two of my colleagues closing down on me.

Before I could realise I saw and heard it.
A colossal explosion of the big bang kind. I could feel my eardrums ringing, ground beneath my suit trembling.
A comet had hit a star.
The enormity and the propensity of the hit was not something my weak heart was prepared for. I shuddered for a while and fainted in captain’s hands

I was not prepared enough.I was back in my floating bed.

Or cradle as they call it.
Strange how incidents from your past shape your future. I still shudder from the idea of using the noisy and explosive firecrackers.

Did you ever have a similar journey through space?
Hope you had a happy and “starry” Diwali !


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