“Hello sweet-pea, how was your day? Early today?”

“Mr Engel , thank you very much for the concern, but I would rather not be called by your silly names . Hope I made that clear long time back.”

“Ok my love, get in the car.”

“I have a name, in case you are losing your mind. Huh !” Read More



It was a day like any other.

Sumeet switched on the car keys and started to drive back home. Months and days had passed since that incident but every day he felt the pangs of its guilt. Nothing had changed with time as Sumeet had realised time probably, can’t heal a few wounds. The wounds that one longs to hold close to, the scars that become part of who you are.

It was getting darker as the sky turned a shade more grey.
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At the end of the street

 A cobbled street

The dark narrow alleys gave in to a wider street.

She stopped for a while with hands on her knees. Half bent she let out a sigh. The worse was finally over. She rumbled through her coat, not to take any chance. One could never be sure until ..yes the pack was well concealed in the hidden pocket of her bra.

She darted a quick glance around, surprisingly her chasers had lost the plot. A smile played on her lips, she has been successful in getting her way out, unscathed. For what she carried with her was well worth killing for! Read More

Make peace with life

The journey I started some three months back is still what I call just the beginning. Not sure where it would lead me, if at all it would lead me anywhere. But this is the story I felt, saw and almost lived on a rainy afternoon, sitting at my office desk staring at a blank computer screen.

Yes, it is the story I wanted to share with you all, my first-ever short novel/novella, titled “The Fifth Palmtree”.
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Of a dream and a nightmare


“Open wide please.”

Reluctantly I let open, my pink fleshy insides all exposed. I knew it would be painful, I knew it would hurt. But he was the only man I could trust. Read More