Say Hi to my first novel (being written)

I wanted to share a news with you all, I have left my full time job and have started taking writing as my profession.

Well, thats far from the truth, though I am raring to reach that stage someday. In my small attempt to marry my overworked mind with the eager keyboard, here is an attempt. My first novel, still in its inception.

Below is an excerpt/prologue from the same which is in the mystery/thriller genre, tentatively titled “The Fifth Palm Tree”.It is currently being written, and needless to say I need all your best wishes, good lucks,pat-on-the-backs, likes, comments and lols in the tons to keep me going. To keep my procrastination at bay and pep up my inspiration.
Not yet sure when I can finish it, currently I am 6000 + words, 25 pages old, which is probably just one tenth of what I intend to write, if God helps! The characters are causing quite a havoc up in my brain to come out and have their day, while I struggle to juggle my time and patience between work , home and a cheating health. Being registered to NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – where writers, novice and otherwise, from across the world, take up the challenge to write a novel within a month!) is just making sure, I dont sleep! Challenge aside, I intend to give the content and the flow the importance it deserves and finish when the characters feel they have found their happy ending.
Your encouragement means a lot to me, please show me and my baby in inception some love. It needs it the most.
Here is the excerpt, hope I find your love and you love what you read..

Prologue: A Witch is born

A heart wrenching shriek pierced through the dark calmness that engulfed “Budhabalang”. The spotless dark ripples as if came to a halt, the river sighed. The air was warm, yet pregnant with an eerie, bloody chill. Budhabalang cursed its course through the sleepy Indian hamlet of Deobhum; once a giver of life, it had turned to a monster since when it lost the memory.

The hooded figure, guarding the doors of the hut, walked away as the sobs grew faint and eventually turned to a distant echo. With arms folded to chest, the shadowy figure bent over the river bank and let out a hoarse grunt followed by a deep sigh.

Thousands of miles away in the quaint little island town of Harlosh, lapped in the serene waters of Loch Bracadale, Isle of Skye, a baby girl was born. Between her rhythmic wails that echoed in the Hospital corridor, the mother shed her last drop of tear – in the arms of a father who lost everything in a moment, yet was blessed with the most precious gift of his life.

The newborn was restless yet had a calm gaze. She had a doll like perfection with distinct black little eyes that stayed transfixed to the bed by its side for a fleeting moment, as if to bid goodbye to the mother she shall never meet.

She has the eyes of the dark. She has the gaze of a hawk. Her wails rhyme with her laughter, she will usher death with a calm demeanor. Her heart is long forlorn; her love is as deep as her scorn. She, the witch was born.

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9 thoughts on “Say Hi to my first novel (being written)

  1. Raj Gohil

    Subh, you have a very nice style of writing….now that I have read some of your other stories….I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of “A Witch is Born”

  2. Jagan

    Subhendu, Great to see you chasing a dream. My best wishes. I can see you have a talent. Only one suggestion – try not to say an uncommon word in each sentence. Keep me posted. I’ve started following you now. 🙂

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