It’s great, really great to have people around you, who let you be what you truly are. No pretenses,  no judgement,  no opinions. Yes the rare species called true friends.  A literal definition can never be enough for someone who sees you inside out, loves you for who you are and can tell you off yet be endearing.

Many, I trust, like me, mistake acquaintances to be friends and just friends to be true friends. Not necessary to categorise people in your life or being judgemental about them, just a selfish way of sorting out people who matter or don’t really matter in our lives. When the lines are blurred it causes heartache. You know, you trust someone with something and you hear it from someone else. That.

And yet, each one of us must have that special friend, just a mere thought of whom can brighten up a dull day. Just the kind of person you want to speak to, after a heartbreak or say, a ludicrous gossip you overheard.  There may be more than one such special someone in your life or may be just one. And that, I believe what defines who you really are, or for lack of better words, what kind of a person you are. Again, not being judgemental, just saying.

I, for that matter, take immense pride in the fact that along my journey so far, have met such wonderful people, who have touched the deepest corners of my heart in ways more than one. Have made me the person I want to become and, well, just be there. For a true friend, no matter how long you have known him/her, how often you meet or speak remains just that- a true friend.

Here’s to you, yes I know you would understand, it’s you I am talking about. I love you, cross my heart.


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